Spinoza als medicijn bij verkoudheid of griep

Een verkouden of grieperige East of  Dulwich bracht deze afbeelding bij deze tweet:


Stones Óriginal Green Ginger Wine.
Niet beneden 18 jaar

Echinecea & Goldenseal
"Many people turn to herbs for medicinal use as an alternative to commercially produced medications. Goldenseal and echinacea are two of the most commonly purchased herbs in the United States, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The two are often taken together as a treatment for the common cold and to bolster the immune system to prevent infections. Neither herb has been conclusively proven effective in the treatment of colds or upper respiratory infection or as an immune booster, although some studies show benefits." [Cf.]
Waarschuwing: niet aanbevolen voor zwangere vrouwen, vrouwen die borstvoeding geven, of personen met auto-immuun aandoeningen. [Cf.]

Spinoza, Complete works. Translations by Samuel Shirley. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Michael L. Morgan. Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.Indianapolis / Cambridge, 2002
Kan door iedereen langzaam genuttigd worden, maar vraagt veel tijd.