Spinoza, Hermann Cohen en de nalatenschappen van het Duitse Idealisme

Op 3 en 4 april 2016 heeft aan het Center for the Study of Religion aan de Princeton University een conferentie plaats over: Judaism in Modern Philosophy - Spinoza, Hermann Cohen, and the Legacies of German Idealism.

Er  zijn grote namen voor aangetrokken.


"The time is ripe for a new consideration of Spinoza and Cohen together, and in particular of Cohen’s reading of Spinoza. In addition to a growing interest in the reception of Spinoza within German philosophy and German Idealism, something that is highly relevant to Cohen’s reading of Spinoza, there is an increased interest in the Jewish reception of Spinoza and in Cohen’s relationship to Spinoza. In addition to several recent publications on Cohen and Spinoza, adding to a very small body of literature, a recent English translation of Cohen’s 1915 monograph on Spinoza renders Cohen’s late reading of Spinoza accessible to a broader audience. Furthermore, the recent publication of an English-language history of the Jewish reception of Spinoza gives a broader audience access to the Jewish context of Cohen’s relationship to Spinoza. These are only two examples of a small but growing trend which we hope our conference will advance." [Cf.]