Spinoza - the ultimate bad boy of Jewish history & the coolest Jewish philosopher

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin schreef gisteren een preek voor teenagers, waarin hij uiting gaf aan zijn "Yom Kippur fantasy: I want to speak to a congregation that consists only of teenagers. Imagine that it is Yom Kippur. This is what I would say."

Daarin komt de volgende passage voor:

"Who was the coolest Jewish philosopher? That would have been Baruch Spinoza, who lived in the 1600s in Amsterdam. Among other things, Spinoza publicly doubted that God had revealed the Torah. He believed that the Torah was only relevant in its ancient context. He publicly doubted that the Jews were the chosen people. He believed that everything was part of the same basic essence. For his trouble, the Jews of Amsterdam ostracized him and humiliated him. He suffered terribly, but he spoke his truth. He was the ultimate bad boy of Jewish history, the sort of kid that you want to hang out with but your parents won't allow it. Spinoza was cool." [Cf.]