Spinoza gezien als spirituele psychotherapeut

Hoewel ik enigszins de indruk krijg dat we hier (en die suggestie  ontstond niet alleen uit de titel) met een New Age-achtige Spinoza-uitleg te maken hebben, toch meld ik voor eventueel geïnteresseerden dat er onlangs een herziene versie is verschenen van een boek dat ruim tien jaar geleden werd uitgebracht door

VoorkantNeal Grossman, Healing the Mind. The Philosophy of Spinoza Adapted for a New Age. Susquchanna University Press, 2003 - books.google & een exerpt

Review van de 2003 editie door Yosi Amram (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). In: Journal of Transpersonal Psychology; 2006; Vol. 38 No. 2; pp. 248-250 [PDF]


De herziene versie ontving een andere titel én een andere cover:

Neal Grossman, The Spirit of Spinoza: Healing the Mind. ICRL Press, April 14, 2014 - books.google - Amazon

De blurb: "BENEDICT SPINOZA was a 17th century philosopher and spiritual psychotherapist. This intellectual self-help book provides important insights from Spinoza's system of thought in a format accessible to the general reader, as well as to those already familiar with his philosophy. By applying his method to our personal lives, we may free ourselves from bondage to our lower emotions and habitual behaviors and thus begin to enjoy the "continuous, supreme, and unending happiness" promised by Spinoza."

Larry Dossey, auteur van een boek met een hoog paranormaal gehalte, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters (2013), beveelt dit boek aldus aan;

"Those of us who came of age in the twentieth century were taught that we must adopt a crazy-making strategy of compartmentalizing our lives, putting our rational, scientific side into one corner and our psychological/spiritual side in another. The precarious state of our world is evidence enough that this approach to life is a destructive dead end. You are holding an effective alternative in your hand. "The Spirit of Spinoza" is a brilliant treatise that has been field-tested by Professor Neal Grossman in his own life and that of his students over decades. This book is a masterstroke by a master teacher about a master philosopher. It is also delightfully dangerous, for it has the power to shift one's life onto a new axis, where it becomes possible to blend knowledge and wisdom into an experience that can best be described, quite simply, as waking up." [bij Amazon]

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