In Tel Aviv Cinematheque draait over twee weken ook Spinozafilm

Dit bericht geef ik hier even door voor de bezoekers van dit blog uit Israël of die daar binnenkort heen reizen… Yigal Bursztyn van Yigal Bursztyn

A retrospective on the films of Yigal Bursztyn will be held from November 22 through 30 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Four films by Bursztyn, who has worked as a director, screenwriter and professor of cinema, will be shown: "Everlasting Joy," 1996, starring Ariel Zilber, featuring a plot line in which the 17th century Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza lives in an apartment building in Holon and together with his neighbors pursues the search for happiness; "Zimzum," 2002, starring Assi Dayan and Ravit Rozen, who is also known as Tinkerbell, about an Israeli army brigade commander who goes to visit friends with his girlfriend, who is 20 years his junior; "Out of the Blue," ,2008 about two poor vagabond friends who meet a beautiful rich woman; and "War Notebooks," 1988, a three-part documentary series on the fateful week that preceded Israel's declaration of independence. (Nirit Anderman  - van hier)

Die Spinozafilm van Yigal Bursztyn had ik al eerder gesignaleerd.