Nieuwe uitvoering 'New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza'

Twee jaar geleden, op 17-06-2008, had ik een blog over het toneelstuk van David Ives dat begin dat jaar gespeeld was: “New JerusalemThe Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation: Amsterdam, July 27, 1656

Ruim twee jaar later is het stuk weer op het programma genomen in een kleiner theater en met een geheel andere regie, bijvoorbeeld niet meer in 17e eeuwse, maar hedendaagse kleding. Er zijn inmiddels in meerdere bladen i.h.a. positieve recensies verschenen, waarvan ik er hier een aantal verzamel.

                              toen (boven) en nu (onder)

       The Interrogation

Jewish Community vs. Spinoza: David Ives' New Jerusalem
Menachem Wecker - The Jewish Press - Posted Jul 14 2010

Theater J's wonderful The Interrogation makes a guy you've probably never heard of completely unforgettable
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Review: 'New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza' at Theater J
Peter Marks Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, July 2, 2010 

Theater J's 'New Jerusalem' paints portrait of philosopher
Barbara Mackay Special to The Examiner - July 2, 2010 New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza By David Ives; Directed by Jeremy Skidmore At Theater J to July 25; Spinoza in Amsterdam.
By Trey Graham on
July 2, 2010

Backstage: 'New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza' at Theater J
Network NewsX Profile By Jane Horwitz -
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pan-theaterism - Theater J examines philosopher Baruch Spinoza. The Jerusalem Post, Washington, Sunday July 18, 2010       



< auteur David Ives

I read Spinoza when I was at Yale drama school, and I don't actually remember why. It was probably because it was Spinoza and he was supposed to be important. Maybe I was just avoiding my schoolwork.

...Then a couple years ago, I read that Einstein, in his old age, was asked if he believed in God and he said, "I believe in Spinoza's God." So I picked up this book called The Courtier and the Heretic, and I thought, My God, this is an amazing story. Sort of a Greek tragedy, the story of a young man whose community has to shut him out in order to survive in Amsterdam. I took a huge number of notes, and I couldn't let go of it, so I just sat down and wrote the play quite quickly, probably within a week or ten days. [Van hier]


In this witty theological drama, philosopher and accused apostate Baruch de Spinoza faces excommunication from the Jewish community. “Mr. Ives’s humor has always mixed the cerebral with the silly... his daring leap into metaphysics is… an engrossing primer on Spinoza’s radical thinking.” – The New York Times